About Kitano

Japanese KITANO is primarily an international market-driven company. To meet the needs of the domestic market it has small manufacturing facilities in Osaka.

KITANO export equipment is assembled at the factories of the leading manufacturers of Southeast Asia where Japanese influence is traditionally strong. The selected production facilities are equipped with advanced equipment and rank among Top-5 manufacturers of the industry.

For KITANO HVAC equipment manufacturing only high quality components are used, and all refrigerating appliances production methods are followed. All equipment is subject to the strict operational and outgoing control which ensures reliable operation of the conditioners.

The company has its own R&D center. KITANO closely cooperates with other Japanese, German and Chinese companies, which helps to develop new types of advanced HVAC equipment.


The special thing about KITANO equipment is an accord between advanced climatic technologies, classic design and reasonable price. KITANO offers its clients modern ecologically safe air conditioning systems with high technical advantages and energy efficiency, long-lasting performance and 3-year warranty.

Successful development of the Japanese company was determined by its leader Taro Takahashi. However, KITANO economic miracle is based on national traditions, professional team, personal responsibility, support of company own research, accurate marketing policy at the world economic stage. Furthermore, KITANO success was undoubtebly determined by Osaka - the HVAC cradle where knowledge about climate technology and its production is accumulated more than anywhere else in the world.

Assortment Range

KITANO assortment includes full range of climatic equipment. Currently it is exported to the markets of Montenegro, Finland, Bulgaria, Poland, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Abkhazia, Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, South Africa, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Russia.

  • Residential air conditioners
  • Light commercial air conditioners
  • Compressor condensing units
  • Heat pumps
  • Chillers and FCU


Being a student, Taro Takahashi, as all young people, went to the Kitano Tenmangu temple, North Kyoto, to pray for the successful passing of his qualifying exams, and promised in his note addressed to Tenjin, the god of enlightenment and literature, to make something useful for people in his honour. He passed his exams successfully and 12 years later in memory of this story KITANO was founded under the auspices of the revered Tenjin.

The energetic engineer Taro Takahashi had been working at a huge factory producing refrigerating appliances for 10 years in Osaka, dreaming of creating of his own enterprise. Taro Takahashi wished to bring the ideas of innovation, independence, quality and economy, which are typical for his hometown, into his air conditioners. Therefore, in 1982 Taro Takahashi founded KITANO in Osaka. Now it is still considered a young (from Japanese point of view) but large company in the field of development and production of HVAC equipment.

From the very beginning Takahashi was particularly focused on air conditioning systems. Due to its focused specialization the company managed to achieve significant results in a short period. From a small and unknown company it has turned into a brand with worldwide reputation. Current KITANO president Taro Takahashi is still implementing the ideas of enlightenment and combination of the experience from abroad with Japanese traditions and national spirit.

These ideas have formed the cornerstone of KITANO philosophy: “The indisputable Japanese quality of HVAC systems at economically advantageous price”.


In Russia KITANO has been distributed since 2011 already and has not received any negative feedback so far. Moreover, it has earned a reputation of a promising brand from consumers and investors.