Comercial equipment / Chillers




Air-cooled chillers and heat pumps with screw compressor R407c or R134a .
Cooling power 116-1555 kW.
Heating power 130-1628 kW.
Akita series air type chillers comprises a standalone unit for water cooling. All units are equipped with built-in microprocessor control system, are compact and efficient due to innovative technical solutions implemented in the design and manufacture. Akita series chillers are supplied with output electrical and hydraulic connections. In the factory, each chiller is completely assembled, isolated, vacuumed, and then tested on the test bench.
All chillers are equipped with air cooled condensers with the BlueFin corrosion resistant coating; shell and tube evaporator; semi-hermetic twin-screw compressors; as well as the automation system with a full range of sensors and protective relays. The model range includes 22 types and sizes, each of which is available with two types of Freon: R407c or R132а. This makes it possible to meet any customer requirements. Akita chillers and heat pumps are designed for outdoor use and can be used for cooling at any types of facilities, including industrial sites.

Housing: The frame and trim are made of high carbon galvanized steel sheets, powder painted following by high temperature treatment, which provides corrosion-resistant finish.

Compressors: All Akita Series systems are equipped with 1, 2, 3 or 4 (depending on model and version) semi-hermetic screw compressors connected in parallel to provide smooth control and reliable operation of the installation. The compressors are equipped with built-in protection against overheating of the motor winding, shut-off valves in the discharge line and a soundproof enclosure.

Coolant: R134a / R407c

Evaporator: Shell and tube evaporator with a single refrigeration circuit. All evaporators are provided with a drain valve and an air vent.  Evaporators of this type are resistant to water hammer, have low requirements for purity of cooling water and are simple in the use and maintenance.

Condenser: Condensing unit has a modular layout and consists of H-pattern batteries made of copper tubes with inner notch, copper collectors and wavy aluminium fins. All capacitors, even in basic configuration, are equipped with an automatic adaptive defrosting system (with manual start via the controller menu) based on the hot-gas bypass.

Fans: Axial fans with sickle-shaped blades. The fan speed is smoothly adjustable by the controller depending on the load current for maximum efficiency.

Refrigerant circuit: Each refrigerant circuit in Akita series units in standard configuration contains the following items:

  • High-pressure sensor
  • Water temperature sensors at the inlet and outlet of the evaporator;
  • Safety valve in the high and low pressure zones;
  • Shut-off valve in the liquid line;
  • Filter-drier;
  • Solenoid valve in the liquid line;
  • Liquid flow sight glass;
  • Thermostatic expansion valve with external equalization;
  • 4-way cycle reverse valve;
  • Low pressure sensor;

Controller: The system is controlled by the "Siemens" controller, equipped with an LCD display, programmable buttons and a speaker.  The control panel is located on the door of the electrical panel and is equipped with touch controls. The "Siemens" controller allows you to not only adjust the general settings of the temperature but also control a number of additional features, such as: defrosting system start, compressor run-time check, search through the error log, event programming according to the timer.