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Izumi II

Izumi II


Floor-ceiling fan coil KITANO Izumi II series is a 2-pipe fan coils with front or bottom air intake.

Effective climate control is a high quality air treatment with a minimum level of capital and operating costs. Izumi II floor-ceiling fan coils have been designed with the latest global trends in the development of climatic equipment. Fan coils are characterized by excellent technical and operational characteristics. Units can be installed in a vertical position (on the wall) in the immediate vicinity of the floor or in a horizontal position (on the ceiling). You can also order a version without a case for hidden installation. Fan coils can be mounted in a vertical position behind the false wall with built-in air distribution grille.

Standard Package

Inner case
Corups made of galvanized steel. It provides resistance to corrosion and aggressive chemicals. Outside the case is covered with thermo-acoustic insulation based on polypropylene.

Decorative case
The decorative case is made of white high-quality plastic. It is equipped with an easily removable air distribution grille on the latches. You can change the air flow direction by turning the grille 180 °.

Heat exchanger
It is made by a seamless method from a drawn copper tube equipped with aluminium fins and an anti-corrosion coating..

Gauge manifold
High-quality brass manifolds have a special design for lowering the hydraulic resistance. The air vent is built in as standard at the factory.

Fan section
There are installed 1 or 2 centrifugal fan with forward-curved blades combined with the engine. The impeller and fan motor are dynamically and statistically balanced in two planes. Fans are designed with increased diameter (for increased air flow), but with reduced rotation speed (for noise reduction). Three-speed asynchronous motors are used for high efficiency and energy saving.

Each fan coil is equipped with a filter made of synthetic material. It is mounted on the front panel of the device. The filter is easily removed and cleaned under running water.

Drain pan
Standard drain pan is made of high carbon steel without welding. It prevents corrosion and is provided with 5 mm thick insulation.


Extensive management
Fan coils of the Izumi II series can be adjusted by thermostat.
All fan coil units this series can be equipped with a control panel. It expands the possibilities of regulation, it allows you to connect the fan coil units to a single control panel (up to 64 units) and to the building dispatch systems. 


Optional equipment

  • 3 way valve
  • Actuator to valve
  • Electronic thermostatKP-KJR-15B
  • Control Panel
  • Group control console
  • Gateway to connect the dispatch system

Work range

Incoming water temperature
Cooling mode
2 ~ 20 ˚C
Heating mode
30 ~ 80 C

Air temperature
Cooling mode
17 ~ 32 С
Heating mode
0 ~ 30 C