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Rooftop air conditioner Kagawa series

Rooftop air conditioner Kagawa series


Rooftop air conditioner Kagawa is a monoblock equipment. They are designed to be placed on the roof of the building. Roof air conditioners Kagawa series are used for air conditioning and ventilation of large spaces such as shopping centers, indoor stadiums, conference rooms, warehouses.

Kagawa series is similar to central air conditioners, but they are autonomous and have outdoor units. In addition to standard components (compressor, condenser, evaporator and fans) Kagawa series air conditioners contain a fresh air mixing chamber.

Maximum reliability
   • Only original parts from leading manufacturers are used.

   • The frame is made of galvanized sheet steel ASTM-A-653 which provides structural strength.

   • Sealed seams are made for absolute protection against humidity.

   • Corrosion-resistant powder coating is made to protect the housing panel from aggressive environment.

High efficiency
   • Compressor performance is directly regulated by the control board depending on the current heat load.

   • Frequency and sequence of start-up of compressors are controlled by a timer. Compressors are protected from frequent inclusions which prolongs their service life due to this restriction.

   • Noises and vibrations are significantly reduced due to the use of a hermetic compressor of a new design.

   • Centrifugal fan and fan shroud are optimally shaped for efficient and low noise operation.

   • Thermal insulation of the indoor unit is reduces heat loss.

   • The optimized construction of the cooling section and the aerodynamic profile of the blades of the supply fan are reduced pressure loss and increase the overall energy efficiency.

   • There are two independent refrigerant circulation systems.

Easy installation and operation
The principle of quick connection and unified configuration of the unit are make it easy to install. There are no need for additional pipelines. The refrigerant is charged at the factory.

   • Compact case reduces transportation costs and expands mounting options.

   • Adjustable drive shaft pulley allows you to change fan speed.

   • External fittings allow you to quickly diagnose the refrigerant circuit without shutting down the system.

   • External drainage nozzle allows you to quickly and easily connect a condensate hose.

Convenient control system
A special electronic thermostat is included in the standard package of units. The digital display shows the air temperature in the room and the mode of operation. Temperature of the cooling and heating can be set using the buttons “up” / “down”. The digital indicator of the thermostat is also allows you to get additional information about the state of the unit.

   • All terminals and cables for low-voltage connections are built into the central control board for quick access.

   • All units are equipped with a "self-diagnostic" function.