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Roka IV

Roka IV


KITANO Roka IV duct air conditioners are characterized by reduced noise level and installation flexibility. The air intake of the air conditioner can be located at the bottom or back of the unit. Two drainage pipes allow you to choose the direction of condensate discharge. The Roka IV air filter is equipped as standard with a longer service life compared to previous series.

Duct air conditioners Roka IV have the function of low-temperature heating. The air conditioner effectively heats the room at an outdoor temperature of –15 ° С. The package includes a wired control panel.


  • Swing mode blinds
  • Volumetric air flow
  • Heating mode
  • Ventilation mode
  • Night mode
  • Automatic operation
  • Effective drainage
  • Pre-filter
  • Fresh air flow
  • Self cleaning
  • Autorestart
  • Self diagnosis
  • “Warm start”
  • Light indication
  • 12 hour timer ON / OFF
  • Wired Remote with LCD
  • IR remote control with LCD (optional)
  • Room temperature indicator
  • Defrosting the outdoor unit
  • Energy saving mode