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Floor standing split-system Neko (out of production)

Floor standing split-system Neko

Floor standing split-system Neko with elegant and compact design has a small base of the indoor unit.This model is easily removable. Also it has washable filter with a long service life.

Refrigerant piplines can take four directions: left, right, rear and front. Control panel and LCD are located on the front panel of the indoor unit.


  • Adjustable airflow
  • Auto swing mode
  • Volumetric airflow
  • Heating mode
  • Quiet mode
  • Ventilation mode
  • Auto mode
  • Effective draining
  • Pre-filter
  • Autorestart
  • Self diagnosis
  • "Warm" start
  • LCD 
  • 12-hour timer 
  • Wired controller with LCD (option)
  • Remote controller with LCD
  • Indoor temperature indicator