Room air conditioners



The Kitano wall mounted split-systems are available in 4 series, beginning from the economy class - Asagiri Series, and ending with premium class -…


Multy split-systems (out of production)

Multy split-systems

The multi-split system with two indoor units allows simultaneous conditioning of two rooms.
The unit performance is between 9 000 and 12 000 BTU/h.



KITANO room air conditioners are divided into split-systems and multy split systems.

All equipment is available in three acoustic versions: "N", "SN", "SSN"

"N" - Standard acoustic performance. Compressors are directly accessible from outside the unit. The fan speed is approximately 900 rpm.
"SN" - Low Noise Acoustic Performance. Compressors are located in a fully insulated sound-absorbing coating of cellular polyurethane foam in a metal box. Fans have a reduced rotation speed of 700 rpm.
“SSN” - Super low noise acoustic performance for operation with minimal noise. Compressors are installed on anti-vibration supports and connected to discharge and suction lines by means of flexible hoses with silencers. These are located in a metal box covered with sheets of sound-absorbing material and a layer of flexible cellular polyurethane foam. The condenser section has an increased size. Fans with a low speed of rotation of 580 rpm (except for the last five models).