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Splt-system Kappa

Splt-system Kappa


KITANO Kappa is most popular among customers, because this series belongs to the professional equipment class. Professional equipment differs from residential equipment in much longer service life, and much higher intensity of use.

Professional quality of an air conditioner decorated with the original faceplate, specially made by KITANO designers, will make this conditioner a constant attribute of your home for many years. An average service life of these split systems is more than 7 years.

Kappa air conditioners have all the necessary functions and modes for efficient operation:

  • cooling, heating and ventilation mode;
  • effective dehumidification;
  • air ionization;
  • self-diagnostics and defrosting of the outdoor unit;
  • energy saving function etc.

Quiet as the cherry blossom.

Reliable like a Japanese car.

An air conditioner elaborates like an airliner.

KITANO Kappa is a combination of advanced Japanese technologies, original design and professional quality. At the same time, it is one of the most inexpensive series in the KITANO range.

Kappa takes its name from Japanese water spirits. As believed, if a person catches a kappa it will fulfill any of his wishes. Therefore, Kappa conditioners quietly fulfill consumer’s wishes without attracting too much attention.

Kappa - professional quality, accessible for everyone!