Kitano equipment is subject to standard manufacturer's warranty - 12 months from the date of purchase. The user has the right to order extended warranty obligations - 3 years from an authorized KITANO Service Center. The manufacturer undertakes to provide free removal of manufacturing defects discovered at the time of purchase or operation of the equipment at the manufacturer's warranty period.

Сonditions of a guarantee

Conditions for the provision of standard warranty obligations (1 year warranty).

The guarantee is valid only in the territory of Russian Federation and CIS countries and applies to equipment acquired in the territory of these states.

The warranty card must be correctly and clearly filled. It should include the model name, serial number, date of sale, name and address of the company that installed the equipment. For warranty repairs, contact an authorized KITANO Service Center.

To install (connect) the product, you must contact specialized organizations that have the appropriate qualifications and permission to conduct such work. The manufacturer and the authorized organization by him, the seller shall not be liable for the defects of the product caused by its improper installation (connection).

Carefully check the appearance of the product and its completeness. All claims for appearance and completeness should be presented to the seller when purchasing the product. For all questions related to the maintenance of the product, please contact only specialized organizations.

The products must be used in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions regarding use, transportation, installation, connection, use, operation and in compliance with technical standards and /or safety requirements.

Conditions for granting extended warranty obligations (3 year warranty).

To provide extended warranty obligations, compliance with the terms of standard warranty is required.

An additional condition is the regular technical inspection of equipment.

Technical inspection of equipment should be carried out once a year in spring (April-May).

Carrying out of technical inspection can be carried out only by special technicians having necessary level of qualification. Such technicians can be the specialists of the manufacturer, as well as third-party equipment, trained by the manufacturer, and authorized by him for technical inspections. The results of the technical inspection are noted in the product passport, filled in by an authorized technician, which is subject to preservation during the entire warranty period.

Attention! The manufacturer does not perform regular technical inspection at his own expense and also does not pay for the examination by third-party specialists.

The warranty is invalid if the damage or malfunction is caused by:

  • The use of the product is not for its intended purpose, not in accordance with its operation manual, including the operation of the product with an overload or in conjunction with auxiliary equipment not recommended by the manufacturer, the manufacturer-authorized organization, the seller.
  • Repair, adjustment, installation, adaptation or commissioning of the product, performed by unauthorized organizations or individuals.
  • Operation with violation of technical conditions and /or safety requirements.
  • Wearout, negligent attitude, including foreign objects and insects getting into the product.
  • Fire, lightning or other natural phenomena that are beyond the control of the manufacturer, the organization authorized by manufacturer, the seller.
  • The presence of mechanical damages (chips, cracks, etc.) on the product, exposure to excessive force, chemically aggressive substances, high temperatures, high humidity or dust, concentrated fumes, etc., if this caused a malfunction of the product.

The warranty does not cover:

  • On the details of finishes, filters, batteries and other parts that have a limited period of use.
  • For replaced parts or parts of products that have not been delivered or authorized by the manufacturer.
  • Warranty does not include the maintenance work, the need for which provides an instruction manual. If your product needs maintenance, please contact the authorized KITANO Service Center.
  • Manufacturer of KITANO, Corp. is not liable for any possible damage directly or indirectly caused by KITANO products, people, pets, property in case it resulted from non-observance of the rules and operating conditions, installation of the product by unauthorized persons, deliberate or careless actions of the consumer or third parties.

Warranty repair and service of the equipment you purchase is performed by an authorized KITANO service center, which sold and installed it. The address and telephone number of the authorized dealer are indicated in the warranty card. In case of absence of contact with the seller, use the phone of the "Hot Line KITANO": 8-800-333-4733 (call within Russia is free).

The warranty card does not limit the rights of buyers defined by law, but complements and clarifies the provisions stipulated by law.

Service centers

Address: GROZNY, Chechen Republic, Mayakovskogo str., 47

+7(8712) 22-20-20


«Cyber-Climate» IP Razvin A.A.
Address: VOLGOGRAD, Shurukhina str., 18

+7 (8442) 26-00-70
+7 (8442) 26-00-80
+7 (961) 681-00-67


«Cyber-Climate» IP Razvin A.A.
Address: VOLZHSKY, Lenin Avenue, 43

+7 (8443) 31-77-55
+7 (8443) 31-52-52
+7 (961) 086-25-55


Address: MAKHACHKALA, Republic of Dagestan, Chernyshevsky St., 104 B

+7(8722) 68-10-25
+7(8722) 68-10-26
+7(8722) 68-10-27


Address: SARATOV, Russia, Atkarskaya str., d. 42/54

+7(8452) 50-40-40


Address: MINSK, Belarus Republic, Kazintsa str., 4, of. 106

+10(37517) 380-12-12
+10(37517) 380-13-13


Address: KURSK, Russia, Krasnoy Armii str., 40

+7(4712) 544-544


Address: KIROV, Russia, Halthurina str., 87. Technical center "Vensis."

+7(8332) 38-30-77
+7(8332) 62-42-32
+7(8332) 62-19-81


Address: EKATERINBURG, Russia, 8 Marta str., 207a, of. 2

+7(343) 272-31-19
+7(343) 346-96-88


Address: SAMARA, Russia, Verkhnekaryernaya Str., 4

+7(846) 270-39-12


Address: ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, Ligovsky pr., 247

+7(812) 985-27-27
+7(812) 313-84-00


Address: MAGNITOGORSK, Russia, Chelyabinsk region, Uralskaya str., 9a

+7(3519) 450-547
+7(3519) 455-447


Address: MAYKOP, Republic of Adygea, Hakurate str., 155

+7(8772) 57-00-13
+7(8772) 57-00-16


Address: MINSK, Belarus Republic, Karvata str., 72

+10(37517) 392-7620


Address: USSURIYSK, Russia, Primorsky Krai, Komsomolskaya str., 28A, of.401

+7(4234) 23-14-14
+7(914) 690-41-42