Optional filters of split-systems KITANO

KITANO air conditioners can be effective for heating and cooling, as well as purify indoor air. You can choose the optional filter for cleaning in the kit for the air conditioner.



New KITANO Certificate design

Spring has come, which means that the time has come for the annual renewal of dealer certificates. Their relevance can be checked in the "Dealers" section on the brand website.



New Kitano split-system Viki On-Off

Kitano's new air conditioning enters the market in 2020. The popular model of the Kitano Viki air conditioner is also in the On-Off version. Viki On-Off is characterized by its wide installation options, as well as greater performance than the Kappa model. The height difference of the new split system is increased to 7 meters, and the dimensions of the indoor unit are reduced in comparison with the Viki inverter series.



A new generation of light commercial air conditioners is already on sale

The third series of LCAC came on sale on March 2017: Montaro III series cassette, Nikko III floor/ceiling and Roka III duct systems.



Japanese air conditioners KITANO Kappa conquer Russia

The summer is still rather cold in Moscow. However in Japan air temperature reaches + 31-32 ° C in the daytime. Meteorological services report that the hot weather will continue throughout Japan until the end of the week. In this regard, meteorologists warn people not to stay outdoor for a long time, to drink water constantly and also to use air conditioners.


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