Golden series Kitano

Kitano enterprise (Japan) presents new product of the season split systems of Akebono series. Special appeal of Akebono series split systems is high energy efficiency and modern design. A connoisseur will appreciate gold color and compact design of indoor unit,which will make any interior feel cooling and also give aesthetic pleasure. The series includes three models with capacity from 2,5 to 5,3 kW.
As most of modern aircons Akebono models use ozon safe refrigerant R410A, have intellectual operation system, are equipped with “volumetric air flow” and “intellectual defrost of outdoor unit” functions. As all products of the Japanese company Akebono split systems are characterized by high quality, but are sold by reasonable price. Split systems Kitano have 3 years warranty which is provided by the authorized service centers net.

Attention: you can purchase air conditioners KR-Akebono-09, KR-Akebono-12, KR-Akebono-18 from EUROCLIMAT warehouse in Moscow.

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