The Japanese Company Kitano showed itself very good in market of split-systems in Russia and offers also the Light Commercial AC to the Russian consumer. Using the equipment it is possible to reach the evenly air cooling, drying, heating and ventilation in areas of different purposes from 50 till 300m2.

The company Kitano produces the wide range of light commercial Air conditioners of Cassette, Duct, floor-ceiling and floor-standing types with 3-20Kwt capacity allowing to select the system, which will maximum correspond to the needed parameters and the design.

All equipment has the ozone-friendly Refrigerant R410A.

The light commercial AC presents the universal outdoor unit with capacity from 12000 to 60000 BTU/o. The outdoor units are completed with the noiseless energy saving axial fans and can be used by temperature from -10C to -43C. it is possible to supply the outdoor units with the expanded range of using temperature.

All inner units have the wide range of options, the possibility of flexible control of air flow, are equipped with infra-red and wired main controllers. The Duct Air Conditioners Kitano with the static pressure from 25 to 195Pa allow input of the fresh air to the room.

All modern models of Kitano Light Commercial Air Conditioners have the high efficiency, durability and reliability, low power intensity. They have the abstergent filters and rational price politic.

You can get the Light Commercial Air Conditioners at the earliest possible date from the Euroclimat warehouse which is the official representative of Kitano.

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