News to the season

Two new lines of split-systems are prepared by Kitano to the hot summer season 2014. The air conditioners series Aneko combine with classic design and compactly form (the depth of indoor unit is 180mm), are equipped with DC-Inverter and showed a wide range of capacity from 2.6 to 7.1kW. On the front snow-white demountable panel is the ecstatically beautiful LED display, which will inform you about the adjusted working rates and days. The budget split systems Akira series look fresh and modern, and are shown in the range of 2.0 to 3.5kW.

The models of Aneko and Akira series have all functions of modern air conditioners, including the automatically choice of temperature, 3-speed fan, hand and auto regulation of air direction, wide range of filters for air cleaning. The system indoor units are made from the high quality foam-white plastic. The indoor and outdoor units Akira and Aneko series are characterized by low noise level (24/39DB (A)) and are made for comfortable conditions in rooms and offices.

As all equipment of Japan Company, the split systems Aneko and Akira are characterized by high quality and rational price. All split systems have 3 year warranty, which is provided by authorized service centers.

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