A new generation of light commercial air conditioners is already on sale

The third series of LCAC came on sale on March 2017: Montaro III series cassette, Nikko III floor/ceiling and Roka III duct systems.


The Nikko III has a number of positive characteristics:

  • Louvers swinging vertically and horizontally ensures comfortable and even air distribution in the room.
  • Wide choice of installation sites. The unit can be suspended to the ceiling or installed on the floor, and two drainage outputs (right and left) allow you to choose direction of condensate drainage.
  • Low-temperature cooling. The air conditioner effectively cools the room at an ambient temperature of -15 ° C.

The Roka III duct air conditioner has a thin design of the case (190 mm) which allows it to be installed in a low ceiling environment. The air intake grille can be located in the bottom or rear side of the unit, and two drainage outputs allow you to select the direction of condensate drainage. This air conditioner effectively cools a room at an ambient temperature of -15 °C.

All mentioned series are equipped with wired remote controllers.

For more information see KITANO Catalog.

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