CCU KITANO in Russia

Respond to requirements of the Russian market, the Kitano Company have started the supplies of CCU Kyoto of low and middle capacity for working in systems of central air conditioning with capacity not more than 50kWt. The model range is represented by 5 types of one-circuit CCU with cooling capacity from 7.1 till 45kWt. Models 7, 10 and 16kWt are with the horizontal flow of cooling air. Models 28 and 45kWt are with vertical flow of cooling air.

The Compressor Condenser Units Kitano have high efficiency spiral compressors of worldwide famous manufacturers Sanyo and Hitachi. The units work on the ozone-safe Freon R410A. Each unit is carefully inspected on factory.

The units Kyoto are compatible with all evaporators sections of the corresponding capacity.The installation flexibility in the site is guaranteed by big reserve for height drops and the path length between units and heat-exchanger of the central conditioner. Some models can reach up to 50 m of the path and 20 m height drop.

The multilever safely of CCU Kyoto guarantees the trouble-free work and safety. The operation of units can be provided by the central conditioning system main controller.

The equipment of Japanese Company Kitano series Kyoto is high quality with rational price. All CCU Kitano have 3 years warranty which is supported by net of authorized service centers.

Please, note! Official Kitano dealers have already opened the pre-offers for these models.

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